Introduction: The Picture of Health

"Darling, you look too healthy to have all those problems." I'm imagining you reading this phrase with some kind of drawl to it. I have heard some iteration of those words since being about 16. "You just look..." I can look like a lot of things--a grad student, a wife, a female, a dog snuggler, a friend--but I rarely look sick. Despite appearances, I've managed to rack up a bit of a list of autoimmune and other chronic conditions. While rarely life-threatening, living with chronic illness instilled in me a love of the 8 pm bedtime and a frustration towards people who glare when I use my handicap parking placard. 

While my looks are the most commented on, I am continually asked: "What is it like?" And rather than admit that I have historically been too lazy to meditate on that question/it bums me out, I answer with a smidgen of humor and move along. In what little ruminating, I have done, my words cannot show the handfuls of meds I take every morning and night to keep this body going. Or the laugh lines of my Love after an especially weird joke about my body. I have talked for years about trying to convey photographically those moments. Out of that same laziness (and probably fear about vulnerability), I have yet to follow through. 2016 will be the year. And since New Years resolutions are also meant to be broken, if I fail I can chalk it up to too much New Years gumption. 

The content found here is less about my daily life and more divided into experiential categories-- such as body, hospitals, friends, daily shenanigans, etc.. I want to attend to the unconventional ways this body speaks in my life. I want to learn to listen to this body of mine. While the comments will be turned off on posts, if you feel the need to comment or write you may do so by clicking "contact" above. 

In short, my name is Kate, and I've lived with some form of illness since being a kid. I snuggle my pup and cat, live with a boy, and find taking photos a useful way of communication. Thank you for visiting.